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Body painting is a fleeting work of art on a full motion canvas.  Photography captures the image and allows it to be displayed after the "original" has long since washed away.  This site has been created to exhibit these evanescent works of art.

Mark Greenawalt's first bodypainting of a spider with liquid latex
Bodypainting with Liquid Latex through a ketchup bottle at the Alwun House Exotic Art Exhibition
Playboy Model Nyx in Liquid Latex lingerie
Miss Krystle music video and CD cover for Run with liquid latex body painting
Liquid latex swimsuit with real zipper on model Alison Cember
Meria in liquid latex at Saguaro Lake
Hell Bent For Leather with Liquid Latex on Jen Amber
More info about this image
Hell Bent For Leather with Liquid Latex on Jen Amber
More info about this image
Wet Paint bodypainting with Liquid Latex

Liquid latex is best known as a cosmetic body paint, but it has a multitude of applications that are limited only by your imagination. I have been doing bodypainting projects since the year 2000 and and this is one of the most interesting mediums that I have ever worked with. It can be very challenging to create with in comparison to water based face paints or airbrushed bodypaints, but it's unique qualities make it worth the effort.

The very first bodypainting that I ever did was a spider back painting using Maximum Impact liquid latex that is available in most adult novelty shops. Here is a picture of that painting (click to enlarge).

Spider bodypainting with liquid latex

About 8 years later, I was honored when Maximum Impact contacted me about using one of my images for their product labels. I chose a very simple painting that I had done that simply says "Wet Paint" using fluourescent liquid latex paints. Here is a picture of the original image and also a shot of the product label.

Wet Paint bodypainting with Liquid Latex This is the picture from the photoshoot

Maximum Impact Liquid Latex Label This is the artwork that I submitted for the label.

Jar of Maximum Impact Liquid LatexThis is jar with the label that is now available at Maximum Impact's website at .


Here are a few links to projects that I have completed using liquid latex. Be sure to visit my page for upcoming classes if you would like to see the process first hand.

Face And Body Art Magazine Article on Liquid Latex Here is a link to a magazine article that I wrote in 2005 on Liquid Latex in Face And Body Art Magazine. Click on the magazine cover image to read the article.


I have used liquid latex for quite a few science fiction convention demonstrations. Here are a few pictures from those events (click on the images to find out more about each image).

CopperCon latex warrior princess with Star Wars Stormtroopers Mara Jade liquid latex suit on Lynette Brooks Shaleste bodypainting from LepreCon for Villikon Chronicles Shaleste with Kalucha at Vegas Comicon


Here are some liquid latex swimsuit projects that I did several years ago. I also wrote an article about bodypainting swimsuits, but I don't think the magazine that asked for the article ever published it. Click here to read the article.

Meria skin diver suit with integral zipper in latex Gummi Girl in liquid latex piano keyboard Deviant liquid latex suit with gilmmer powder Alison Swimsuit with integral zipper in latex Kristi Curiali swimsuit made up of liquid latex strips swimsuit with Tucson model Olivia Brooke in latex swimsuit at Spirit of the Senses art exhibit


I have taught bodypainting classes at several face and body painting conventions and art gallery exhibitions. Not all of the classes were related to liquid latex, but here are images and links to several that did.

UK Face And Bodypainting Convention 2008 US Bodypainting Competition in New Mexico 2007 FABAIC Face and Body Art International convention Latex version of Janet Jackson's superbowl wardrobe malfunction Kay painted as the queen of hearts for Alwun House Exotic Art Gallery painted beach scene at the Alwun House piano keys and burning heart with liquid latex at the Alwun House


Here are some promotional events that I did with liquid latex.

Khani and Alison at 944 Anniversary Party Lucia Tovar at Razor Magazine nightclub event Model Monique at club event twisted snakes at Alfadon event Meria at Culture of the Underground in Mesa Latex Peacock


And here are a few of the projects that I've done over the years just for the art of it. For these projects I used Brand X, Deviant, and Maximum Impact liquid latex brands.

Amiii as a water nymph with Brand X liquid latex Kay wearing the Queen of Spades body painting Kay wearing the Queen of Clubs bodypainting Scorpion painting under blacklight with Maximum Impact Cheyenne Silver photoshoot for Playtime Magazine Model CJ as a cowgirl with latex chaps Anna as a mime with Deviant latex shirt
LA model Tomiko with latex warrior princess latex painting Gummi Girl with bat painting and stardust over latex comicbook character Shi with liquid latex body paint        


One of the other applications for liquid latex is special effects make-up. Here are just a few of the projects that I have used liquid latex on for independent films, film festivals, halloween, and other events.

Morlock special effects image with liquid latex Cheyenne Silver Cara Fawn on set of Villikon Chronicles Me as Bullseye from the Daredevil movie for my son's birthday party Marvel Zombies at the Phoenix Comicon 2008 Marvel Zombies at International Horror Sci-Fi Film Festival


Mark Greenawalt, Artist
Phoenix, Arizona, United States of America


For quotes on commissioned works, send all details of project or event.  Rates vary depending on complexity, coverage, time-frame, and location, but generally start as low as $500.  Send an e-mail to request additional contact information.  

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