S A L T   R I E R
Alison in bodypaint at the Salt River
c2001 Painting and Photo by Mark Greenawalt

Welcome to the "Salt River" bodypainting webpage.  This liquid latex swimsuit was Alison's second body painting experience with me.  This project took place on a beautiful Arizona afternoon in April of 2001.  This painting took about 2.5 hours to complete.  The painting was done at Alison's house in Tempe and then we drove about 45 minutes to a point on the Salt River near Saguaro Lake.  The photoshoot only lasted about a half hour till the sun set.  We had hoped to have more time at the location, but the painting took longer than anticipated and we almost completely missed sunset lighting.  Alison is fantastic at finding the right pose and then switching to the next at the sound of the film advancing.

This painting is part of a series of swimsuit paintings that are being assembled for Swimsuit Illustrated magazine.  The project is being sponsored by Deviant Liquid Latex and they have provided the paint for this session.  The swimsuit consists of about 3 coats of black and pink.  The zipper is real (not painted on) and was applied to the suit with the liquid latex paint.  The zipper was actually functional and could be zipped up the whole way without tearing the painted on suit.

If you are interested in ordering a print from this photoshoot or would like additional information on bodypainting, please feel free to contact mark@futureclassx.com and visit my website at www.futureclassx.com .  Please browse through the additional images from the Salt River bodypainting session below.  Thanks for visiting!

Click on the following links to view some highlights of the photoshoot:

Alison in bodypaint at the Salt River Alison in bodypaint at the Salt River Alison in bodypaint at the Salt River Alison in bodypaint at the Salt River


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