Lee is a very beautiful and talented model.  This is the second opportunity that I have had to do a bodypainting session with her with the first one being the 2001 Alwun House Exotic Art Show.  For this session I traveled to Tucson and set up shop in her living room.  The painting took approximately 2 hours to complete and then we headed out to Agua Caliente Park for a sunset photoshoot.  Agua Caliente, also known as "The Oasis in the Desert",  proved to be a fantastic location with scenic palm trees and still ponds.  Several of the pictures from this shoot were shot with my brand new digital camera (Olympus C-3000Z) which I'm still learning and several were shot with my trusty Pentax PZ-1P with Fuji Sensia slide film.  Lee's fiance was on-hand to assist in the photoshoot and rustling up a glass of wine for her nerves during the onset of the painting process.  The session went without a hitch and everybody had a good time.

The images from this shoot are currently not for display on this website and remain part of the private bodypainting portfolio.  This painting was part of a series of swimsuit paintings that were assembled for Swimsuit Illustrated magazine.  The project was sponsored by Deviant Liquid Latex and they provided the paint for this session.  The swimsuit consists of about 3 coats of blue latex to complete the checker board pattern and then the metal rings were applied between the squares by using the latex paint as an adhesive.  The rings are actually tin rings from Michael's arts and craft store for use as decorations during weddings.  Deviant's Slick spray was used to provide additional shine and to keep the latex from sticking to any surfaces.

If you are interested in additional information on bodypainting, please feel free to contact mark@futureclassx.com and visit my website at www.futureclassx.com .


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