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Quick Facts and Titles

Citizen of the United States of America - Born in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, April 4th, 1967 and currentlt residence in The Ahwatukee Foothills of Phoenix, Arizona.

Husband and Father of two boys (and now grandfather to three little boys).

Alumni - Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Penn State University, 1989 and a diploma from Chambersburg Area Senior High, 1985.

Electrical Engineer - Professional Engineering License in AZ, UT, and CA.

Lighting Designer - I showcase my lighting design portfolio under the moniker Hyperion Lighting Design and Engineering. It includes projects from my career at Creative Designs in Lighting, Smithgroup, I.C. Thomason, and Sullivan Designs, plus a few independent projects of my own.

Performance Artist - Live body art exhibitions include Alwun House Exotic Art Show, Paper Heart Gallery, CopperCon Convention, LepreCon Convention, Phoenix Film Festival, Horror/Sci-Fi Film Festival, Face And Body Art International Convention, Bodyssey, U.S. Bodypainting Competition, Spirit of the Senses, ComicCon Convention, Mr. Olympia Convention, Vegas ComicCon, The Blue Ball, Enfocate, The Body Art Ball, WesterCon Convention, Herber Theatre Second Act, Body Worlds Traveling Exhibition, Oscar Night America, and the Playboy Mansion. More...

Published Artist - Artist for Coats of Paint-The Body Art of Mark Greenawalt, Cover art for Moon Shadows by Collette Black, Lady Death Comic Book (2 Covers), La Muerta graphic novel cover, Bodypainting by Mark Greenawalt Calendars, American Facepainter (cover) Playtime (2 Covers), EXPOZ (Cover), ARTnews (Ad), Razor (Ad), Airbrush Action (Article), Phoenix (Article), Facepainting International (Article), Illusion (Article), State Press (Cover/Article), The Penn Stater (Article), and candid shots in 944, Razor, Phoenix New Times, Ignite, Contact, Muscle & Fitness, Arizona Republic, Lady Death Comic Book. More...

Photographer - Concert Photographer for and Event Photographer for, Cover photo for Unpacked Sparkle by Patrick A. Roland, Cover for CDs by Kristy Deck and Ray Wheeler & The Edge.

Filmmaker - Attended the Film School at Scottsdale Community College. Projects include Villikon Chronicles-Genesis of Evil (Producer and Special Effects Make-up), Romey & Jules (Make-up Artist), and Second Chances (Writer/Co-Producer). More...

Writer - Author of the book "Coats of Paint- The Body Art of Mark Greenawalt", lyrics for dozens of songs, articles for magazines, and even a film script that was an official selection for Phoenix ComiCon Film Festival. More...

Musician - Keyboardist for Spark Jack Daddy, Singer/Songwriter and musician on several instruments. Owner/operator for small Logic Pro X home studio. More...

Clients - Magazines (Maxim, Playboy, Razor, Playtime) Gallery Exhibitions (Unexpected Art Gallery, Body Worlds, Alwun House, Paper Heart, Wildhorse Ranch), Events (Oscar Night America, World Wrestling Entertainment, Camel, Thermolife), Products (European Body Art) Film/Television (UPN-45, Y.K. Productions). Alcohol promotions (Batch 19, Subterreno, Bombay Saphire, Bacardi USA, Cutty Black, Smirnoff Vodka, Smirnoff Ice, Red Stripe, Heineken, Budlight, Hypnotiq, Dos Equis, Coors Light and Tuaca).


Bodypainting Interview with, click here.

Other Genres

Drawings, Paintings, and Such! Songwriting Demos
The Photography Portfolio The Literary Portfolio

Click on the buttons above to see some of the other artforms that Greenawalt has dabbled in.  In addition to painting on bodies, the art tab shows a sampling of the drawings and paintings on more traditional canvases.  The music tab gives a brief overview of his musical accomplishments which include a tour with Gemini Recording artists The Edge and studio recording releases with Anti-M and Dawna Bradford.  The photos tab explores photography other than the body painted models including his on-going tour of state capital buildings of the United States.

My Many Faces

Darth Sidious Prosthetic Make-up
Cheyenne Silver &
Lance Dworshak
Skin is In
With Brian Pulido
Creator of Lady
Death & Purgatori
Darth Sidious
Todd McFarlane creator of Spawn and comicbook artist for Spider-man Bodypainting at the Playboy Mansion
W/Todd McFarlane
Creator of Spawn
Rocker with
Soft Shoulder
for Penn Stater
Three bodypainters
at the Playboy
Heather From Nightmare on Elm Street
Big smile in the
Garden of Eden
Long time ago
Galaxy Far Away
Nashville, TN
W/Son Sage &
Nightmare on Elm St.
Prosthetic Make-up from U.S. Bodypainting Competition Villikon Chronicles movie set
In the Lake,
Pure Evil Make-up
from US Body-
Painting Comp.
The Captain
Stuebing look
On Set of The
Villikon Chronicles
Genesis of Evil


"Brushing Up on Body Painting with MARK GREENAWALT" by Leia Stewart, Playtime Magazine, October 2002 
"Body Beautiful" by Lori K. Baker, Phoenix Magazine, July 2002 
"Body Beautiful" by Janice Arenofsky, The Penn Stater, May/June 2002
"Bodies for the Mainstream" by Kate Priest, Airbrush Action Magazine, August 2001
"Body Painter's 'Canvases' Open Eyes - Valley Artist's Work Attracting National Attention" by Jackie Dishner, The Arizona Republic, August 2001
"A Matter Of Taste - Body Artist's Nudes Are Highbrow, Although His Foods Seem Lowbrow" by Jose E. Garcia, The Arizona Republic, January 2001

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