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October 2002

c2002 Painting by Mark Greenawalt and photo by Don Crosslandt

Brushing Up on Body Painting with MARK GREENAWALT
Playtime Magazine    -     October, 2002
Article by Leia Stewart

If there were a list of jobs that any man would envy, Mark Greenawalt’s would be at the top. As a body painting artist, Mark gets to brush up against some beautiful models in public and gets paid for it. But it’s all business to him. “Bodies are canvas and I create my pieces with this in mind,” Mark said. Several years ago, after deciding that Nashville and music were not his main talent, this artist moved to Arizona where a more progressive community has welcomed his abilities with open arms. 

Mark has always been an artist. Starting with photography, he was fascinated by imagery and appearances. In fact, his first body canvas subjects were both studies in painting and photography. From spider webs to cheetahs to sunsets, there appears to be no end to the ways to clothe a woman with liquid art. 

Far more complicated than a face painting at the state fair, the process can take several hours. A full body piece can take all day and completely hide the otherwise naked flesh. With a pallet of liquid latex, body paints, acrylics and more, a good artist can mix the tones with airbrush, paint brush and freeform. 

“There are so many good body artists out there,” he believes that, “the competition spurs creativity.” It’s a gray area Mark told us, “sometimes it’s a hard call between what’s artistic and public morality.” 

So where does he get his inspiration? “Sometimes it’s an image I want to try, or a theme that I’m commissioned to do,” remarks the mild mannered Mark, “other times I think of a piece that’s never been done, so I try it.” Among some of his early influences, he lists Boris as one of the most important. The famous Demi Moore cover and Joanne Gair broke body art to the public and got Mark searching for books on painting. Featured in Phoenix Magazine and Good Morning Arizona and the July 02’ Playtime cover, he’s no stranger to publicity. 

At a recent sci-fi convention, Mark demonstrated his work in front of an audience, to the fascination of onlookers. “It’ not for the money or the name recognition really,” Mark declares, “It’s the pure art that is a Pandora’s box of shock value.” 

There’s a certain titillation factor that doesn’t escape some of the people who hit his website. But if you’re looking for simple nudity, you won’t find it with Mark Greenawalt, he’s an artist first and isn’t ashamed to show it. 

For more stunning pictures check out Mark’s website at http://www.futureclassx.com .

 Photo by Ed
Photo by Mark
Photo by Mark



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