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I have been writing songs since I was about 10 years old (I still have some of those cassettes, luckily I got better). During high school I started honing my abilities on guitar and keyboards playing in working cover bands. And then I discovered the seemingly miraculous art of 4-track recording when I bought a Tascam 246 PortaStudio. It allowed me to layer the drums and the bass, and then build up more tracks, and then bounce them until I had complete songs. One of my first recordings from my parents basement was called Racing the Bullet. Looking back, it was kinda' cheesey, but it was a great start to what has blossomed into a wonderful passion of mine. I have been fortunate to have collaborated with other writers and I've had some of my songs recorded by other artists. Here are some samples of my work that I am developing for use in film and TV, other recording artists, and of course for my personal use in my solo gigs and bands that I play with. I hope you find some that you enjoy!






(Greenawalt, Pizarro) 2011 Future-Class X Publishing (ASCAP)

When An Angel Cries (Jaela's Song) is a song that I co-wrote with Angel Pizarro.
Mark Greenawalt - Lead Vocal, Piano & Keyboards, Acoustic & Electric Guitars
Angel Pizarro - Drums
Webb Pickersgill - Bass
Miss Krystle - Harmony Vocals and Angelic Whispers
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(Greenawalt, St.Croix) 1998 Future-Class X Publishing (ASCAP) and Sommerville Entertainment (BMI)

Say What's On Your Mind is a song that I co-wrote with Chris St.Croix. This song was also recorded by Kristy Deck, Dawna Bradford, and Chris St.Croix.
Mark Greenawalt - Lead/Harmony Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Keyboards, Bass, Electric Guitar (solo)
Roger Wiedabach - Drums
Kristy Deck - Harmony Vocals

(Greenawalt) 1999 Future-Class X Publishing (ASCAP)

Many times I thrive on burning the candle at both ends. Most people have good conotations to the phrase "living the simple life", but I wrote these lyrics to say that living the easy relaxed simple life isn't near as much fun as living an adventurous life. This is one of my favorite songs to play on 12-string acoustic and I owe a big thank you to Dan Wieglib for laying down fantastic drum and bass tracks for the demo.
Mark Greenawalt - Vocals and Guitar
Daniel Wieglib - Drums and Bass


(Greenawalt) 1995 Future-Class X Publishing (ASCAP)

A song I wrote in Nashville and had the good fortune of playing in several of the songwriter venues.
Mark Greenawalt - Vocals, Harmonica, Guitars, Bass
Roger Wiedabach - Drums


(Greenawalt) 1998 Future-Class X Publishing (ASCAP)

I wrote a song for my brother's wedding and recorded it in my home studio. I am playing the piano, guitar, and singing and I added some backing vocals by Amy Hailstone. The theme of the wedding was baseball and instead of tuxedos, he wore an Atlanta Braves uniform while I wore an Arizona Diamondbacks jersey.
Mark Greenawalt - Vocals, Guitar, and Keyboards
Amy Hailstone - Harmony Vocal


(Greenawalt) 1994 Future-Class X Publishing (ASCAP)

This is one of the first songs I wrote and recorded when I moved to Nashville in the mid-90's. It was recorded on a Session-8 hard-drive based 8-track studio that is now a dinosaur of a system. I really enjoyed the ability to produce all of the sounds and play with the mixes. There are about six guitar tracks and five keyboard midi tracks. I kinda' played the drums by actually playing them on a keyboard. Someday I'd like to re-record this with real drums and real saxophones.
Mark Greenawalt - Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Bass, Drums


(Martell, Greenawalt) 1995

I collaborated with guitarist Chris Martell on a couple of songs. He had written and recorded the music and then brought me on-board to write the melody and lyrics. He then went back into the studio and hired Robert Mason (Lynch Mob, Ozzy, Cry of Love, Warrant) to sing on the demos. Here is one of the songs called Freedom Station. It's a song about a man who was "lucky" to escape from earth as it was dissintigrating, but on board the space station called Freedom he feels that those left behind may have been the lucky ones.
Chris Martell - Guitars
Robert Mason - Vocals
(I don't have any records of who the other musicians were, but I will post the info if I find out)

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Mark Greenawalt, Artist
Phoenix, Arizona, United States of America


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