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Mark Greenawalt started playing music seriously when he assembled a band and produced a two hour rock concert in high school. After that he started playing nightclubs in the Mid-Atlantic region with the bands NiteKap and Center Alley while attending Penn State University. He began writing and recording his original songs in the basement on a Tascam 4-Track recorder and then moved to Arizona after graduating with Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering. He formed the Phoenix-based band, ANTI-M, with friend and collaborator Ed Clapper and they recorded two independent albums entitled "Beyond the Emerald City" and "Exhibit 'A'". Their song "Until The Fire's Gone" was placed in the feature film OPEN ARMS and it received rotation on local radio. Next Greenawalt joined Gemini Records recording artist RAY WHEELER AND THE EDGE and did a national tour of college campuses. While in this band he co-wrote the song "Over The Edge" with guitarist Scott Brown which was recorded on their second CD.

In 1995 he moved to Nashville, Tennessee to persue songwriting and had the opportunity to perform at venues such as the Bluebird Cafe, Tootsies Orchid Lounge, The Broken Spoke, and even the Nashville Arena. His collaborators included Dawna Bradford (writer for Trick Pony), Kristy Deck, Chris St.Croix, Molly Reid, Ashley Hayes, and Amy Hailstone. Greenawalt and Dawna Bradford recorded "The Letter" at the world famous Studio B and then recorded "Simple Life" in his home Session 8 recording studio which climbed to #1 on the country chart. He did a couple of events with the Styx tribute band EQUINOX also before moving back to Phoenix. He is currently playing, writing, and recording songs with the band SQUIDDOG.




(Greenawalt, Pizarro) 2011 Future-Class X Publishing (ASCAP)

When An Angel Cries (Jaela's Song) is a song that I co-wrote with Angel Pizarro.
Mark Greenawalt - Lead Vocal, Piano & Keyboards, Acoustic & Electric Guitars
Angel Pizarro - Drums
Webb Pickersgill - Bass
Miss Krystle - Harmony Vocals and Angelic Whispers
s of this song were recorded at The Conservatory of Recording Arts by Daniel Armijo. Additional recording and final mix by Daniel Armijo and Mark Greenawalt on Protools.


(Greenawalt, St.Croix) 1998 Future-Class X Publishing (ASCAP) and Sommerville Entertainment (BMI)

Say What's On Your Mind is a song that I co-wrote with Chris St.Croix. This song was also recorded by Kristy Deck, Dawna Bradford, and Chris St.Croix.
Mark Greenawalt - Lead/Harmony Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Keyboards, Bass, Electric Guitar (solo)
Roger Wiedabach - Drums
Kristy Deck - Harmony Vocals


(Greenawalt) 1999 Future-Class X Publishing (ASCAP)

Many times I thrive on burning the candle at both ends. Most people have good conotations to the phrase "living the simple life", but I wrote these lyrics to say that living the easy relaxed simple life isn't near as much fun as living an adventurous life. This is one of my favorite songs to play on 12-string acoustic and I owe a big thank you to Dan Wieglib for laying down fantastic drum and bass tracks for the demo.
Mark Greenawalt - Vocals and Guitar
Daniel Wieglib - Drums and Bass


(Greenawalt) 1999 Future-Class X Publishing (ASCAP)

This is a song that I wrote for Karen and Jerome Render's wedding.
Mark Greenawalt - Vocals, Keyboards, guitars (acoustic and electric solo), and Bass
Roger Wiedabach - Drums
Mike Lavine - Guitar (rhythm)


(Greenawalt) 1995 Future-Class X Publishing (ASCAP)

A song I wrote in Nashville and had the good fortune of playing in several of the songwriter venues.
Mark Greenawalt - Vocals, Harmonica, Guitars, Bass
Roger Wiedabach - Drums

Mark and Curt at his baseball themed wedding

(Greenawalt) 1998 Future-Class X Publishing (ASCAP)

I wrote a song for my brother's wedding and recorded it in my home studio. I am playing the piano, guitar, and singing and I added some backing vocals by Amy Hailstone. The theme of the wedding was baseball and instead of tuxedos, he wore an Atlanta Braves uniform while I wore an Arizona Diamondbacks jersey.
Mark Greenawalt - Vocals, Guitar, and Keyboards
Amy Hailstone - Harmony Vocal

Anti-M Logo from Exhibit A

(Greenawalt) Future-Class X Publishing (ASCAP)

ANTI-M was a rock band that I started in 1989 with guitarist Ed Clapper. To read more about that band project, click on the logo to the left. This is a song that I wrote called "Shoot Me" that was released on our second release entitled "Exhibit A". Click on the title of the song to listen.(Greenawalt) 1993 Hair Farmer Publishing.
Mark Greenawalt - Lead Vocal, Guitar, and Keyboards
Ed Clapper - Guitar (solo) and Harmony Vocal
Roger Wiedabach - Drums and Harmony Vocal
Jerre Lamar - Bass


(Greenawalt) 1994 Future-Class X Publishing (ASCAP)

This is one of the first songs I wrote and recorded when I moved to Nashville in the mid-90's. It was recorded on a Session-8 hard-drive based 8-track studio that is now a dinosaur of a system. I really enjoyed the ability to produce all of the sounds and play with the mixes. There are about six guitar tracks and five keyboard midi tracks. I kinda' played the drums by actually playing them on a keyboard. Someday I'd like to re-record this with real drums and real saxophones.
Mark Greenawalt - Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Bass, Drums

Equinox Styx Cover Band

Cover (DeYoung)

When I lived in Nashville, I joined a Styx tribute band called Equinox. We only played two shows, but one of them was a Styx Jam that brought Styx fans from all over the country to Nashville to hear us play. Here is a link to a video file of me singing and playing guitar on Suite Madame Blue. For more pictures and clips from this event, visit
Mark Greenawalt (Lead Vocal and Guitar), Bill Vincent (Keyboards and Harmony Vocals), Tom Lyle (Bass and Harmony Vocals), Kevin (Guitar and Harmony Vocals), and Joey (Drums)

Double Negative at the Chandler Center for the Arts

Seven Nation Army
by the White Stripes

Drums are not my forte. I am much more comfortable behind a guitar or keyboards, but for the Intel Talent show at the Chandler Center for the Arts I played drums for a band called Double Negative. The band was made up of my long time friend Ed Clapper (Anti-M) on guitar, his daughter Aris on Vocals, and my son Sage on bass. We did a cover of Seven Nation Army by the White Stripes. Here is is from Youtube.
Mark Greenawalt - Drums
Ed Clapper - Guitar
Aris Clapper - Vocals
Sage Greenawalt - Bass


(Martell, Greenawalt) 1995

I collaborated with guitarist Chris Martell on a couple of songs. He had written and recorded the music and then brought me on-board to write the melody and lyrics. He then went back into the studio and hired Robert Mason (Lynch Mob, Ozzy, Cry of Love, Warrant) to sing on the demos. Here is one of the songs called Freedom Station. It's a song about a man who was "lucky" to escape from earth as it was dissintigrating, but on board the space station called Freedom he feels that those left behind may have been the lucky ones.
Chris Martell - Guitars
Robert Mason - Vocals
(I don't have any records of who the other musicians were, but I will post the info if I find out)

Ray Wheeler and the Edge

(Greenawalt, Brown) 1994 Future-Class X Publishing (ASCAP) and Hot Wheels Publishing (BMI)

This is a band that I went on tour with in 1992. I joined after their first CD on Gemini Records was recorded, but I was included on the band photo on the back of the CD. I also took the photo of the sword on the cover of their debut CD. During the tour I co-wrote this song with guitarist Scott Brown while we were in New Orleans, more specifically Bourbon Street. This song made it onto the bands second CD, "A Place In The Sun", but unfortunately I had left the band before they went in the studio so I didn't get to play on it. Here is the song.
Ray Wheeler - Vocals
Scott Brown - Guitars
Jim Bender - Bass
Gary Bruesezi - Drums

Dawna Bradford CD Time For Me

(Bradford/Greenawalt) 1999 Future-Class X Publishing

While in Nashville I had the great opportunity to work with the very gifted singer/songwriter Dawna Bradford. This is a song that we co-wrote together and played in most of the bars in Nashville including Tootsies Orchid Lounge and the Bluebird Cafe.
Dawna Bradford - Lead Vocal
Mark Greenawalt - Harmony Vocal
(The rest of the musicians were Nashville Session Players)



Dawna wrote this next song and I've always thought it was brilliant. The hi-light for me was that the two of us went into the world renown Studio B in Nashville where Elvis Presley recorded countless hits) and recorded an acoustic version of the song. I played my 12-string Epiphone Acoustic Guitar along with her in the studio.
Dawna Bradford - Vocals
Mark Greenawalt - Guitars

Chris St.Croix Nashville singer songwriter and film director


Chris St.Croix is a good friend of mine in Nashville and we did quite a few little projects together when I lived there. This is a song that he wrote and asked me to play piano on when he was in the studio recording it. Chris is singing and playing the acoustic guitar.
Chris St.Croix - Vocals and Guitar
Mark Greenawalt - Piano
(Chris will have to tell you who the other players were)


Mark Greenawalt, Artist
Phoenix, Arizona, United States of America


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