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Here are a few of the songs that I have written that have been featured in film and TV projects and advertising campaigns. My songs are available for licensing and most are cleared for synchronization and I own most of the original recordings and have the stem tracks. Contact me at for additional information.



Licensed song for title sequence for No Time For Reason short film

NO TIME FOR REASON - Short film title sequence
This is a 30-second song written and performed by Mark Greenawalt for a short film that he wrote and acted in.



Wish Inc. film Wishing Won't Change The World by Mark Greenawalt

Recorded by Mark Greenawalt
Written by Mark Greenawalt, Future-Class X Publishing (ASCAP)

Wish Inc. was a short film musical by award winning director Diane Dresback of Mindclover Productions filmed for the Almost Famous Film Festival A3F 72 Hour Musical Challenge in October 2011. I was brought on board to write and record the original music and score for this extremely fast paced project. This is the main theme song sung by the lead actress Stephanie Mellow. More info about the film can be found by clicking here.
Stephanie Mello - Vocals
Mark Greenawalt - All other instruments, mixing, and editing


Mark Greenawalt in the studio at CRAS recording Don't Cry Angel.

Recorded by Anti-M
Written by Ed Clapper

Open Arms is a feature length film that was written and produced by Roderick E. Stevens of Cinemavista Moving Pictures, Inc. More info about the film can be found on the IMDB page by clicking here.
Ed Clapper- Vocals and Guitar
Mark Greenawalt - Keyboards and Vocals
Scott Towner - Drums and Vocals
Jerre LaMar - Bass




Commercial song written and performed by Mark Greenawalt



Commercial for Proctor & Gamble sponsored Little League tournament with Fry's music licensed from Mark Greenawalt

Fry's Little League Tournament
Client: Blue Door Marketing
Promotional event for P&G
Synchronized Song: "Time To Let It Go" song written and performed by Mark Greenawalt


Chandler City Hall corporate video with music licensed by Mark Greenawalt

Chandler City Hall - Corporate Video
Client: SmithGroup
Video recording and editing by Mark Greenawalt
Synchronized Song: "Cross Country Ride" written and performed by Mark Greenawalt using Garage Band loops






Mark Greenawalt, Artist
Phoenix, Arizona, United States of America


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