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Here are a few of the songs that I have written that have been cut by other artists or synchornized in film. Also below that are some projects that I was a "hired-gun" session player.


Kristy Deck is a Nashville recording artist

Recorded by Nashville Recording Artist Kristy Deck
Written by Mark Greenawalt (Future-Class X Publishing, ASCAP) and Chris St.Croix (Jersey Boy Publishing, ASCAP)

Chris St.Croix and I wrote this song in by basement studio in Nashville, Tennessee. We did a demo of the song using Digidesign Session 8 and Cakewalk software. Chris and I both took a crack at singing the lead vocal. This version features Nashville recording artist Kristy Deck. Kristy is a singer/songwriter in her own right and she also does a very successful Reba McIntire tribute.
Kristy Deck - Lead Vocal
Mark Greenawalt - Guitars, Keyboards, Bass, and Harmony Vocal
Chris St.Croix - Additional Acoustic Guitar
Roger Wiedabach - Drums

Ray Wheeler and the Edge with Over The Edge by Mark Greenawalt and Scott Brown.

Recorded by Ray Wheeler & The Edge from the CD "A Place In The Sun"
Written by Mark (Von Green) Greenawalt (Future-Class X Publishing, ASCAP) and Scott Brown (Hot Wheels Publishing, BMI)
, 1994 Ariel Records

This is a band that I went on tour with in 1992. I joined after their first CD on Gemini Records was recorded, but I was included on the band photo on the back of the CD. I also took the photo of the sword on the cover of their debut CD. During the tour I co-wrote this song with guitarist Scott Brown while we were in New Orleans, more specifically Bourbon Street. This song made it onto the bands second CD, "A Place In The Sun", but unfortunately I had left the band before they went in the studio so I didn't get to play on it. Here is the song.
Ray Wheeler - Vocals
Scott Brown - Guitars
Jim Bender - Bass
Gary Bruesezi - Drums

Dawna Bradford Co-wrote Time For Me with Mark Greenawalt in Nashville, Tennessee.

Recorded by Dawan Bradford
Written by Dawna Bradford and Mark Greenawalt, Dawna Bradford Publishing and Future-Class X Publishing (ASCAP)

While in Nashville I had the great opportunity to work with the very gifted singer/songwriter Dawna Bradford. This is a song that we co-wrote together and played in most of the bars in Nashville including Tootsies Orchid Lounge and the Bluebird Cafe.
Dawna Bradford - Lead Vocal
Mark Greenawalt - Harmony Vocal
(The rest of the musicians were Nashville Session Players)





Nashville recording artist Dawna Bradford wrote this song and recorded it live at Studio B with Mark Greenawalt.

Recorded by Dawna Bradford
Written by Dawna Bradford, Dawna Bradford Publishing (ASCAP)

Dawna wrote this next song and I've always thought it was brilliant. The hi-light for me was that the two of us went into the world renown Studio B in Nashville where Elvis Presley recorded countless hits) and recorded an acoustic version of the song. I played my 12-string Epiphone Acoustic Guitar along with her in the studio.
Dawna Bradford - Vocals
Mark Greenawalt - Guitars


Chris St.Croix is a Nashville singer songwriter and film producer.

Recorded by Chris St.Croix
Written by Chris St.Croix, Jersey Boy Publishing (ASCAP)

Chris St.Croix is a good friend of mine in Nashville and we did quite a few little projects together when I lived there. This is a song that he wrote and asked me to play piano on when he was in the studio recording it. Chris is singing and playing the acoustic guitar.
Chris St.Croix - Vocals and Guitar
Mark Greenawalt - Piano
(Chris will have to tell you who the other players were)

Molly Reid recorded a 5-song demo in Nashville and then did a showcase for record company executives.

Recorded by Molly Reid
(writer not listed)

I played acoustic guitars on this 5-song CD project for Nashville recording artist Molly Reid. To the best of my recollection, here are the musicians on the CD.
Molly Reid - Lead Vocals
Andrea Gilley - Harmony Vocals
Steve Rutledge - Lead Guitar/Vocals
Mark Greenawalt - Guitar
Tim James - Bass
Jay Lillagore - Drums/Percussion




Mark Greenawalt, Artist
Phoenix, Arizona, United States of America


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