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La Muerta – Limited Edition Cover by Mark Greenawalt

La Muerta Bang Bang Edition Cover
La Muerta Graphic Novel with Limited Edition cover art by Mark Greenawalt

Coffin Comics featured my artwork on a limited edition graphic novel of La Muerta. This was a Phoenix Comicon exclusive that I am told sold very well. It was limited to 200 copies. Check the Lady Death store at the link below to see if there are any still available. If you are in the Phoenix area, let me know if you want your copy signed by me. #‎LaMuerta #‎CoffinComics #‎LimitedEdition #‎cover #‎digitalillustration #‎revenge #‎deathwish #‎BrianPulido #‎ladydeath #‎MarkGreenawalt–Bang-Ban…

Bodyssey Bodyart Convention in Banff, Alberta, Canada

I was honored to be invited to instruct at the Bodyssey & Beyond bodypainting convention in Banff, Canada along with some really awesome painters such as Nick Wolfe, Mark Reid, Jinny, Heather Green, Annie Reynolds, Jocelyn Casdorph, Wiser Oner, Lianne Moseley, and Lucie Brouillard. A book has been published that showcases many of the paintings and good times that were had at this convention. Go to to read my chronicles from this fantastic weekend and see some of the pictures of the bodypaintings that I completed there. There is also a link for the book there.

Pink Panther bodypainting from Bodyssey 2016
Pink Panther bodypainting from Bodyssey 2016

The Everests – “Rowena” wins Best Production Design

The music video for the song “Rowena” won the award for Best Production Design at the 35th annual Scottsdale Community College Film Festival.  I had a very small role in this project as a special effects makeup artist. I painted the gold on the dancer’s hands and feet, but the real kudos go to the fantastic team of LOCAL talent that made a world class music video. I am really impressed with this and I hope you will take a moment to listen to this song and take in the beautiful imagery. Thank you to Ryan Johnston and Desiree Srinivas for letting me be a contributor to this work.

A music video for an original song by The Everests, produced by Art of War Pictures, LLC. Featuring Kayla Nelson as The Dancer.

DIRECTOR: Ryan Henry Johnston
EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Desiree “Rey” Srinivas, Taylor Moran, Ryan Henry Johnston
PRODUCERS: Megan Cottrell, Brian Tooker
EDITOR: Tyler Schneider


‘A’ CAMERA OPERATOR: Ryan Leediker


STEADY CAM OPERATOR: Francisco Orozco Jr.

ART DIRECTOR: Stephanie Berumen
BODY PAINTER: Mark Greenawalt
HAIR: Alex Kruz
MAKEUP: Esrah Shah

GAFFER: Cody LeCates
KEY GRIP: Colin Stewart
BEST BOY ELECTRIC: Jacob Schaeffer
BEST BOY GRIP: Tanner Koch
G&E SWING: Anthony Lucero, Kyle Groop
DOLLY GRIP: Megan Cottrell

COLORIST: Brian Tooker
DIT: Travis Stuart, Sam Gomez
SOUND MIXER: Andrew Schwab
EPK: Daniel Tooker

SPECIAL THANKS: Matt Myers, Shawn Mitchell

ORIGINAL LOGO BY: Elisabeth Zarnick

Nomination for Best Makeup 2014 International Academy of Web Television Awards


I was honored (and shocked) to discover that I had been nominated for Best Makeup/Special Effects for the 2014 International Academy of Web Television Awards!!! I am nominated along with Nathan Stipes for our work on the Nathan Blackwell web series Voyage Trekkers. The awards ceremony was at the Rio in Las Vegas on January 7th, 2014.  My work appears in Season 2, Episode 1 where actress Tara Hutchison is painted silver to play the part of an android named Lt. Rigel.  Here is a link to watch the episode:

It was truly an honor to be nominated…I always wanted to say that…although it would have been even better yet to have won!

Maiden of Fantasy Music Video

Maiden of Fantasy is a song that I wrote music and lyrics to quite a few years ago. This recording was done as a student project for the Conservatory of Recording Arts. In addition to singing the song in the studio, I also played 12-string acoustic guitar and all keyboards. I was joined by Roger Wiedabach on Drums and Harmony Vocals, Ed Clapper on Electric Guitars and Harmony Vocals, and Casey Smith on Electric Guitars. For the life of me, I can’t remember who played bass.

The bodypainting was an Elven Princess theme that painted live at CopperCon, a sci-fi/fantasy convention in Mesa, Arizona in 2010. The model’s name was Eden and there is more info about the event on my webpage at

The fantasy illustration of the character with the three wolves was a digital painting that I did in 2012 using Photoshop. There are prints and cell phone covers of this painting available on my website at

I shot the video with a cast and crew of just me using a GoPro Hero2 camera and then I edited it using Avid Media Composer 6. I took the still shots of Eden using a Canon 5D Mark I (one image was shot by Steven Goldstein and it was so awesome I had to include it).

The lyrics to the song are as follows:

I stood alone in a room lit with candle light
And stared at her portrait deep in the night
The paint was fading
And chipping away
I must have gone insane, but I swear I heard her say

Come with me
Back in time to chivalry
Come with me
Trust my love to turn the key
Come with me
If you’re looking to be free
Come to the sixteenth century
I heard her say she’d be my maiden of fantasy

Dazed by the wine but it seemed so real
I saw her face and love was all I could feel
A window through time
Her body led the way
And as I reached for her hand again I heard her say

Come with me

By her side, morning fills my eyes
I can’t remember the night, I try to fantasize
Did I dream of the future
Or am I in the past
All I know is she called for me and I’m here at last

Come with me
Back in time to chivalry
Come with me
Trust my love to turn the key
Come with me
If you’re looking to be free
Come to the sixteenth century
I heard her say

This original song is copyrighted and Published through Future-Class X Publishing, All rights reserved.

Weeping Angel Bodypainting at CopperCon 2013

Had a great time at CopperCon Revolution 2013. I sold several prints and did a bodypainting project with Tia Dworshak as a weeping angel from Dr. Who. Thank you to everyone who was able to come out and take part in the event.  For those of you that couldn’t be there to see it live, Lyle Dillie from Land of the Nerds has added a time-lapse video of the process below.  Enjoy!

Craft of Zemlya Fantasy Illustration

Proclivity Comic Book
Alternate cover for Villikon Chronicles Proclivity Comic Book

In this scene from the universe of The Villikon Chronicles, the wiccan sisterhood duo of Quintessa and Slyla have captured ‘Stealth Strike Sentinel’ Adonia Zin’Badova. They practice the “Craft of Zemlya”, a mystical craft given to tribal members of an elite group of warrioresses existing on a planet dominated by convicted exiles. One bite from the evil serpent, Dermot, and Adonia will conjoin with the essence of the creature.


This image features model/actresses Rosanna Rocha, Victoria Paege, and Kiki Herbster. Photo references were from the independent film project The Villikon Chronicles-Genesis of Evil for the still photography shot by Greenawalt on location at the green screen studio at Collins College and at the sound stage at the film school at Scottsdale Community College. Greenawalt incorporated these images to create this original digital painting.

For a very limited time, this image is available on a variant cover for the THE VILLIKON CHRONICLES: PROCLIVITY comic book (click here). It features all six-chapters and artwork from Juan Arévalo, Gregory A. Forry, Elisa Féliz (Official), and Roy Young. Also featured are contributions from artists Frans Mensink, Jorell Rivera, Jeff Clemens, Monica Ravenwolf, Ryan Paule, Jonas Diego, Kelt Eurasia, Jason Aleister Crowley Crager, and the likenesses of cast members from the film GENESIS OF EVIL. now showing Fantasy Illustrations and Much More!

I originally set up the website as an online portfolio of my lighting design projects, while keeping all of my other art content on . I have been reinventing myself lately to give higher priority to the fantasy illustration work and that has become the focus of . I am also in the process of migrating all of my art, photography, music, and writing over to this site as well while keeping alive and well with all of my bodypainting projects. There will always be a gray area though where an illustration is based on a bodypainting and the photography was used as reference material. Both pages are online and active, but there will be significant redesign taking place over the coming months. I design and update my own websites, so it may take a while to chip away at all of the changes, but feel free to visit both sites and enjoy my artistic endeavors!

Mark Greenawalt – Filmmaker

I was once told that nobody is interested in a Jack-Of-All-Trades. People are only interested in the Masters of particular genres. Though there are some notable exceptions like Leonardo DaVinci and triple-threat entertainers like Jennifer Lopez, in general most artisans of notoriety have developed their craft in very narrowly defined fields. A decade ago I bought into this sage advice and dedicated most of my time to the art of bodypainting. I closed the previous 20-year chapter of my life pursuing the passion of songwriting and playing music. It seemed to work and I gained an audience for my body art work on a global level beyond my wildest expectations.

As this decade begins I am starting a new chapter as a filmmaker. Will I have to close the chapter on bodypainting? Quite the contrary, films are filled with makeup and special effects and bodypainting. A few of my favorites are Mystique from X-Men, Anck Su Namun from the Scorpion King, and Darth Maul from Star Wars. In fact, I am planning on re-opening the chapter on music and songwriting because these are also prominently featured in film. Who knows, maybe I’ll make a music video for a song I wrote many years ago or incorporate some instrumental work into the score of a short film project.

I believe that a true Master of filmmaking has to be a Jack-Of-All-Trades and the more I learn, the more I realize how much I have to learn. I do think that life has been preparing me for this journey. For example, I have become very proficient at photography while taking pictures of my bodypainting projects. I have taught myself the technical aspects of aperture, shutter speed, and ISO settings as well as the artistic aspects such as the rule of thirds, framing, and balance. All of this translates into motion cameras and has given me a leg up on learning cinematography. Lighting is another talent that I have been nurturing with my studio lighting set ups in the photography realm and architectural lighting in my career as a lighting designer and electrical engineer. Soft lighting or harsh lighting, saturated colors or specific color temperatures of white, key and fill, ambient and accent; I understand these terms and more importantly I know how to produce these lighting effects and I know where they can be most effective in films.

There is no doubt that saying you can do something doesn’t mean a thing until you actually do it and although my on-the-job training has been very limited, I feel very fortunate to have been involved in a few significant film projects. Most notable was The Villikon Chronicles: Genesis of Evil. Early on, I contacted a few people to help me do this as a little “back yard” video project and fortunately it snowballed into a full fledged production that had a cast and crew of about 30 people at two remote locations (Imperial Sand Dunes near Yuma and Grand Canyon Caverns in northern Arizona) and a green screen set at Collins College. My main role was special effects make-up artist, but I am also credited as an associate producer since I gathered the core team together. This was a very humbling experience and it really opened my eyes to the magic of making movies with an experienced team of artisans working together as a well-oiled machine.

If the experience gained working on a set is worth a million bucks, then the friendships gained from networking are priceless. I met cinematographer Webb Pickersgill on the Villikon set and we subsequently did a project together for a short film challenge called Second Chances. This was my first foray into screenwriting. Not long after that he brought me on-board as make-up artist for Romey & Jules, a film made from an award winning script that went on to multiple film festivals.

At this point I had pretty much caught the bug of filmmaking. What kicked it into a higher gear though was the inspiration from my son who has aspirations of becoming an actor and seems to have the talent to back it up. I wanted to try and get him plugged into the film community and first helped him by making him a member of IFP and attending a class by Joe Grubberman on color keying and green screens. I was so fired up that night that my son and I went to Best Buy and bought an HD camcorder. In truth, we haven’t really done a project together with it, but he has stayed busy in the acting arena with starring roles in his last two high school musicals and I have been on on set for two music videos.

Last fall the two of us enrolled in The Film School at Scottsdale Community College. The introductory TCM100 class taught us the basics of film editing using the very powerful AVID software. I had toyed around with the consumer version of this software, Pinnacle Studio and also iMovie on a Mac computer, but this class went deeper into the artform of editing and learning the importance of getting the right shots to build the story. This semester I am taking Screenwriting I. I feel like I have a pretty good grasp of this since I have done a great deal of research on my own to write a handful of short scripts, but I’ll confess that after reading the first three chapters of the book, I still have plenty of new concepts to explore.

Luckily writing is a skill that was taught well in my high school in Pennsylvania and I found that a few of my high school buddies and I were breezing through college English compared to those around us from other school districts. I have enjoyed writing about a dozen articles for magazines and even wrote 100 pages into a novel before getting sidetracked by life. Hopefully this class will spark that interest back up to complete that goal too. I’m anxious to get the creative juices flowing and see what my muses can help me to create.

So, onward to the dream of becoming a successful filmmaker. Once I learn every aspect of the craft as best I can, I look forward to working with a cohesive team of visionaries that will support me in completing multiple productions. I hope to ultimately have an inherent knowledge of everyone’s role on the crew, but still have the courage to delegate the things that I am capable of doing to those I’ll learn to trust. I have found filmmaking to be a team sport.

Once it is time to break out of this cocoon I’ll spread my wings and soar as a Master of Filmmaking boasting the brilliance gathered as a jack-of-all-trades. Oh, yeah!

(note: this was originally written in February 2011 and since this time I have completed a short film project with my son called “No Time For Reason” and I have done spfx makeup bodypainting for Miss Krystle’s music video for “Run”.)

Dark Phoenix Cosplay with Bodypaint by Mark Greenawalt

I’ve done quite a few projects recently that involve Marvel Superheros.  I have been a superhero fan since I can remember and it’s a blast to combine the bodypainting artform with these larger-than-life characters.  I’ve painted Marvel Zombies at a recent ComiCon convention and also at a Horror/Sci-Fi Film Festival.  The picture above was from a private shoot that was themed as Marvel vs. DC.  Models Hannah Petro and Matthew Lenzi assembled a large cast of models, photographers, and bodypainters and we spend a half day painting and posing.  More images from the shoot are on my website.  More to come…

Double Negative live at Chandler Center for the Arts

Click here to see the video on Youtube:

This is a band project that I was invited into along with my 14-year-old son.  The event was a variety show sponsored by Intel and it was held at the Chandler Center for the Arts.  My friend Ed Clapper and his daughter Aris did an acoustic duo last year and this year they decided to make it into a band by adding my son Sage on bass and me on drums.  Throughout rehearsals we had worked on four different songs, but we ended up choosing “Seven Nation Army” by the White Stripes for the night of the show.

There was quite a bit of drama when we showed up for the event and the building had lost half of its power due to a faulty transformer.  Because of this the sound system was reduced to one microphone and the lights were limited to some house lights and a spot light.  Luckily by the time it was our turn to perform, they had brought in a generator so we had the full lighting and sound system to work with.

The beneficiary for this year’s charity event was The House of Refuge East.  More info on this organization can be found at .

US Air Force Pin Up Bodypainting

I was contacted by a model from Utah who wanted to do a bodypainting project that had the look and feel of a vintage pin-up painting by Alberto Vargas.  She wanted the theme to be an US Airforce uniform.  Here is one of the pictures from the shoot that was done at the Clarendon Hotel in Phoenix, AZ last night.

Double Negative – A New Band Project

My son Sage and I are going to be playing in a band called Double Negative at the Intel Variety Show at the Chandler Center for the Arts on Saturday, August 9th, show starts at 7pm. I will be playing drums, believe it or not, and Sage will be on bass. We will be playing the song “Seven Nation Army” by the The White Stripes.

Here is the band bio:

Originally performing solo several years ago, then performing a duet with his daughter last year, Intel interaction designer Ed Clapper is back this year with a four-piece ensemble called “Double Negative”.  Ed has been with Intel for 10 years and will be playing guitar and singing backups in this year’s show.  Aris Clapper will again join her dad this year as lead singer of the new group.  New additions include Ed’s long-time friend, Mark Greenawalt, a multitalented musician, artist and former band-mate.  In somewhat new instrumental territory, Mark will be playing drums in the show.  Rounding out the line-up is Mark’s son, Sage Greenawalt, who has only been playing bass a short few months but is already showing promising talent.  The four enjoy sharing their love of music with family and friends, and they look forward to sharing it with the public at this year’s event.

Update:  The video from this event is now online at

Grand Opening of Fuse Nightclub in Nashville, Tennessee

I just did some bodypainting for the grand opening of Fuse Nightclub in Nashville, Tennessee this past weekend. Kid Rock was the DJ and Kim Kardashian was the host. There were a bunch of celebrities there and I joined in with the paparazzi to take pictures on the red carpet once I was done bodypainting. I have posted the pictures to my website at if you’d like to see them. In the Youtube video clip below you can see Kid Rock, Kim Kardashian, Jeffrey Steele, Danielle Peck, Ty Herndon and of course the painted models.