Craft of Zemlya Fantasy Illustration

Proclivity Comic Book
Alternate cover for Villikon Chronicles Proclivity Comic Book

In this scene from the universe of The Villikon Chronicles, the wiccan sisterhood duo of Quintessa and Slyla have captured ‘Stealth Strike Sentinel’ Adonia Zin’Badova. They practice the “Craft of Zemlya”, a mystical craft given to tribal members of an elite group of warrioresses existing on a planet dominated by convicted exiles. One bite from the evil serpent, Dermot, and Adonia will conjoin with the essence of the creature.


This image features model/actresses Rosanna Rocha, Victoria Paege, and Kiki Herbster. Photo references were from the independent film project The Villikon Chronicles-Genesis of Evil for the still photography shot by Greenawalt on location at the green screen studio at Collins College and at the sound stage at the film school at Scottsdale Community College. Greenawalt incorporated these images to create this original digital painting.

For a very limited time, this image is available on a variant cover for the THE VILLIKON CHRONICLES: PROCLIVITY comic book (click here). It features all six-chapters and artwork from Juan Arévalo, Gregory A. Forry, Elisa Féliz (Official), and Roy Young. Also featured are contributions from artists Frans Mensink, Jorell Rivera, Jeff Clemens, Monica Ravenwolf, Ryan Paule, Jonas Diego, Kelt Eurasia, Jason Aleister Crowley Crager, and the likenesses of cast members from the film GENESIS OF EVIL.