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What a special time in a woman's life when she is expecting a child.  A world of change starts to evolve as she prepares for the newborn baby to come into her life.  Among the changes are the physical transformations her body goes through as the baby starts to grow.  Her belly becomes a visual announcement that she is an expectant mother.  Belly painting offers her an opportunity to capture the moment of this precious time by decorating the womb with original artwork.  The motif can be anything she desires from the theme of the baby's room to a seasonal decoration celebrated in the month of her due date.  Although the paint will wash away, the memory and the photograph can bring a lifetime of smiles to her and someday to share with her child.

Special Bellypainting for the mother of my first grandchild
Susan VanHooser Life Star bellypainting Star Wars
Winnie the Pooh pregnant belly
Pooh Bear Hunny Pot Pregnant Belly
Tila and Lance with Poohs Hunny Pot Belly Painting
Belly Painting from European Tour with Fantasy Worldwide in Belgium
Lynette Brooks belly painting Coming Soon
Comming Soon movie theme bellypainting
Decorating the womb
Jelly fish belly painting at Mesa Contemporary Arts Center
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Sarah Elizabeth bellypainting
Baby backs Belly Art
Parents to be bump painted
Belly painting by Mark Greenawalt
Carousel bump painting
Going around a Carosel
Alice Cooper Belly painting
Billion Dollar Baby
Classic Winnie the Pooh and Piglet bellypainting
Big brother kiss on pooh bear bellypainting
Classic Pooh and Piglet too bellypainting
Finding Nemo Belly painting
Lola the fish belly paint
3 Fish belly paints
Cat in the Hat fish belly painting
Three fish belly paint


I was truly honored when Time Magazine featured some of my belly paintings in a photo journal article for their online magazine. Here is a link to to a page with more info:

Time Magazine article with Mark Greenawalt Belly Paintings

Some of these bellypaintings are featured in The Art of Belly Painting, a book and painting kit for pregnant bellies available from by clicking on the book cover below.  The adjacent picture is a scan of one of the kit's pages.  The author, Nancy Price is a fellow Phoenix resident and is a founder and editor-in-chief of the SheKnows Network and one of the founding editors of ePregnancy magazine.

Book Art of Belly Painting Belly Painting Book of Ideas


Mark Greenawalt, Artist
Phoenix, Arizona, United States of America


For quotes on commissioned works, send all details of project or event.  Rates vary depending on complexity, coverage, time-frame, and location, but generally start as low as $500.  Send an e-mail to request additional contact information.  

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