Model Paris Harshman in waterproof bodypaint bikini by EBA and Mark Greenawalt

Mirage Entertainment Presents:

Clarion Hotel, Scottsdale, Arizona June 2010

Rebecca Hollis is best known for season one of Shot of Love, but she also runs a very successful promotional company called Mirage Entertainment. She hosts events in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and this event was held here in Scottsdale, Arizona. The them of the event was "Welcome to my Fantasy" and it was a two-part event kicked-off pool side at the fabulous Clarion Hotel and then continued into the night at the ultra eclectic & chic Z Lounge.

Rebecca Hollis Mirage Entertainment Welcome to my Fantasy

My part of the event was to bodypaint model Paris Harshman in a waterproof bikink that incorporated the Mirage Entertainment logo and also to paint the logo on a male bodybuilder named Sergio.

Model Paris Harshman in waterproof bodypaint bikini by EBA and Mark Greenawalt Body builder Sergio with Mirage Logo airbrushed

I also ended up painting small airbrush tattoos on Rebecca Hollis and a couple of the go-go dancers that were hired as entertainment.


Celebrity Rebecca Hollis in waterproof bodypaint by EBA and Mark Greenawalt Go-go dancers with bodypainted model

Other entertainment at the event included a very talented dance troupe.

Break dance troupe at Welcome to my Fantasy event


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