Coats of Paint - The Body Art of Mark Greenawalt
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The Story Behind the Book

It's been a fantastic journey of painting on human canvases since the turn of the century. I have selected this collection of images from the hundreds of projects that I have completed over the years. Many were completed as live performance art at galleries while others were projects completed while teaching the art of body painting around the world.

The Kickstarter Kickoff Party at Unexpected Art Gallery

I rented out the prestigious Unexpected Art Gallery in downtown Phoenix to hold a party to kickoff the Kickstarter campaign for my new book.


The models included in Coats of Paint

I've had the opportunity to work with some really incredible models and I truly recognize and appreciate their contribution to the final images. It's been a pleasure getting to know them. The models in this book are also doctors and lawyers, Playmates and entertainers, students and teachers, cosplayers and gymnasts, and so many other fascinating alter egos. I am thankful to each and every one of them for contributing their time and talent and of course their beauty. Here is a listing of the models from Coats of Paint:

Megan Brock (cover), Alison Cember (2 image appearances), Cynthia Van Eygen, Sharen Seitz, Evy Vermeulen, Amiii Richey, Tanya Mendes, Nyx Ortega, Molly Ehmann, Lindsey Electra, Chatel Birkett, Sarah Pirie, Julianna Muse, Cheyenne Silver, Stephanie Kyle, Connie Clapper, Jen Amber (3 image appearances), Lessa Michelle, Kelsey Weathers, Sheila Crosby, Erin St. Blaine (2 image appearances), April Mae Jorgensen, Gummi, Nikki Darling, Encina Severa (2 image appearances), Autumn Allbritton, Funz, Trisha Youkhana, Meria Birchak, Autumn Ivy, Mary Carver, Illyra Lynn Vote, Paris Harshman (3 image appearances), Matthew Lenzi, Courtney Black, Alexandria Pierce, Lynette Brooks, Lia Fowler, Chelle Bell, Kate Perrin, Ally Reynolds, Kyndra Jackson, Kristel Ama, Miss Krystle, Sonja Allen, Stacey Tappenden, Sarah Bowers, Kay Kochman, and Sadie Yurista

Here is a video I edited to show each of the images included in the book:

Contributing photographers in Coats of Paint

There is no doubt that the contribution of creative photography can elevate the impact of a bodypainted model. In addition to being a book of body painting art, Coats of Paint is also a portfolio of glamorous photography. I enjoy the artistic contribution of photography and I've spent a lot of time learning the tools of the trade and principles of creating alluring images. I was the photographer for a majority of these images, but I would like to credit the other contributing photographers whose images moved me and became some of my favorite selections for this book. Thank you to Don Crossland (3 image credits), Daveed Benito, Brad Garner, Ed Clapper, Steve Gladyz, Images by O'D, Ratchford, and Christos Sewell.


Mark Greenawalt, Artist
Phoenix, Arizona, United States of America


For quotes on commissioned works, send all details of project or event.  Rates vary depending on complexity, coverage, time-frame, and location, but generally start as low as $500.  Send an e-mail to request additional contact information.  

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